Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole


We've been making white potato hash browns in the house quite often in the mornings and I wanted to try something using the healthier and more flavorful sweet … [Read more...]

Sautéed Cabbage


Happy Belated St Patrick's Day! Well, we didn't have corned beef to celebrate but we are having cabbage. We served it up with some mashed potatoes and steamed … [Read more...]

The New Good Life


The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less by John Robbins Jeff and I read this book together. It was one of those times I was just … [Read more...]

Is It Hard to Be Vegan?


I get asked that question a lot. Or sometimes people hear I'm vegan and I'm told, "I could never be vegan. That must be SO hard!"  I believe there is … [Read more...]

Basil Tomato Tofu Tossed Pasta in Garlic Onion Olive Oil


I created this dish for our Romantic Dinner for Two download before Valentine's day.  I like the idea that a great dish is born out of simple ingredients.  I … [Read more...]

Garlic Artichoke Black Pepper Basil Hummus


One of the things I love about hummus is that it's so versatile.  You can change it up in so many ways but just adding a few different ingredients.  This has … [Read more...]



Here's a super easy snack or breakfast side. Ingredients: 1 small white potato per person 2 T canola oil salt & pepper to taste diced tomatoes … [Read more...]

Crazy Chocolate Cake and Changes


Stella's birthday just went by. I've always thought her birth date is interesting - 02-20-2002. You don't need to do the math, I'll do it for you. She turned 11 … [Read more...]

Vegan Bruschetta with Asparagus Tips & Tomato


Before we went vegan we used to eat bruschetta a lot!  It's so tasty and versatile but the cheese is definitely an important ingredient.  Without cheese it … [Read more...]

Vegan Sour Cream Coffee Cake


This is another recipe from our family cook book.  My mom used to make this and I absolutely loved it as a kid. Stella woke up this morning and wanted to make … [Read more...]