Fresh Guacamole

This recipe was created by Karen Wiens on 1/29/15.

We didn’t have any salsa made and we were out of green chilies so we made another simple guacamole using all fresh ingredients. This is my favorite now. Quick to whip up and it tastes so fresh and so delicious.
Serves 4
5 minutes to prepare
1 avocado
1 roma tomato
2 green onions, chopped
1 lime, for zest and juice
Scoop out your avocado and dice your tomato.

Add your chopped green onion.

Zest from a lime, I used the surface of about a quarter of the lime.

Squeeze the juice from 1/4 of the lime.

Add a little pepper.

And some salt to taste and mix it all up!

So simple, fresh and delicious!