Apple Walnut Simple Salad

This recipe was created by Karen Wiens on 1/30/15.

I love salad. I especially love simple salads. They’re so surprisingly good they help me remember to de-clutter and un-complicate my life. Simple is good.
Serves 2
10 minutes to prepare
6 cups spring mix greens salad
1 fuji apple, cubed, or your favorite apple
1/4 red onion, sliced - four thin middle slices
1/4 cup walnut, chopped
Ingredients for Dressing:
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, approx.
1 tablespoon olive oil, approx.
Slice and cube an apple.

Thinly slice from the middle of a red onion.

Toss spring mix salad greens into a bowl.

Add apple cubes.

Add red onions.

Chop about a half cup of walnuts.

Toss them on.


Mix the dressing and pour on top. Add salt and pepper, if desired.

Toss and…

Serve as a side with your favorite meal.