Connie Wiens

My introduction to veganism came through my daughter-in-law, Karen, and my son, Jeff.  I grew up in the mid-west so I was raised on our own beef, pigs, chickens and wonderful fresh garden vegetables.  I knew little about the vegan way of life and was pretty resistant to change.

While living in Missouri, my son and grandchildren were coming for a visit and I wanted to make sure I had something for my son to eat during his stay.  I didn’t own a computer at that time so I went to the library and checked out some vegan cookbooks to educate myself somewhat on vegan cooking.  I compiled a little note book on recipes that interested me and was ready to start. However, being from a very small town, I couldn’t find many of the ingredients called for so I did the best I could with what I could find.  I found that I was having fun being out of my comfort zone.

To skip ahead and make a long story short I am now living with my son, Karen and the grandchildren in Colorado and we are having a great time exploring the vegan lifestyle.  It’s fun to adapt some of my favorites (ex: lasagna and alfredo pasta) into vegan dishes that are quite delicious.

I’m sixty-six years old and you know how your body responds differently as you grow older and the pounds seem to stick on and the potential for disease are a possibility but through our fun and exploration into a plant based diet, one can’t ignore that your body responds favorably to this way of life.  If research shows that a plant based diet can keep me healthy and away from diseases that plague the older population, why wouldn’t I choose this fun, delicious way of life?  Needless to say, it is not easy to give up favorites such as cheese and a great hamburger and everyone will have their favorites that they don’t want to say good bye to but the main idea is to be open to new experience in eating and enjoy the surprise of how delicious the food can be.

So check back with me and see what’s new with my journey.

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