How It Works

Anyone can browse the public recipes on Vegan Meal Planning, but your paid subscription really opens up the site for your personal and family use. Your subscription allows you to:

  • add recipes (for your personal use or as public recipes)
  • make variations to existing recipes (maybe you want to add or remove ingredients from a recipe)
  • organize recipes into folders
  • view nutritional information
  • create meal plans and generate the associated, organized shopping list for each

Subscribe and Get Using the Features

  1. Create an Account
    Let us know who you are. Choose a username and enter your email address and password.
  2. Select Term
    Choose your desired subscription term (1, 2, 6 or 12 months). Enter your credit card to activate your subscription.
  3. Browse and/or Add Recipes
    Your subscription allows you to enter your own recipes (which can be public or private) and browse recipes from Vegan Meal Planning and other subscribers who have made their recipes public. See the video How to Add a Recipe below for more information.
  4. View Nutritional Information
    Your subscription allows you to view nutritional information on Vegan Meal Planning recipes and other recipes subscribers have made public. Note: Nutritional information may not be immediately viewable. Vegan Meal Planning first must approve the recipe and acquire the nutritional information from our 3rd party source.
  5. Organize Recipes with Folders
    Add the recipes you love to your folders. Adding recipes to folders makes them available for you to use them in your meal plans later. See the video Organizing Your Recipes with Folders below for more information.
  6. Create Your Meal Plans
    Drag and drop recipes from your folders to the days of the week in your meal plan. Forgot to add a recipe to a folder? No problem. Run a search right from the Meal Planning page and to add it to the “Your Searches” folder. Or let us create a meal plan for you as a starting point. Once you’re happy, name and save your meal plan. You can also email or print it. See the video How to Create Your Meal Plans below for more information.
  7. Use the Generated Shopping List, Get Your Shop On, Enjoy Great Food!
    We take the guesswork out of shopping by generating a shopping list of the ingredients you’ll need to create the recipes in your meal plan. Use the checkboxes to remove items you already have in your pantry or refrigerator.


Video Tutorials


How to Add a Recipe


Organizing Your Recipes with Folders


How to Create Your Meal Plans

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