Karen Wiens

Karen WiensMy journey to choosing a whole foods plant based diet started around 2008.  It’s been quite a trip.  When I first started learning (and feeling!) all the benefits from eating this way, I became somewhat of a zealot.   I believed, if people knew how it would make them feel, how it would help the planet, how it would improve their health and so many other things, surely they would want to do it.  I’ve come to realize that nobody hears anything until they are ready.

My hope with this website is to help people that have already decided they want to eat less meat, for whatever reason makes sense to them.  If you are just wanting to have some tasty options for Meatless Mondays or you are trying to cut out meat but having trouble truly enjoying your food, I hope you will find information here that will help you make this transition fun and delicious.

For me, it has been life changing.  I know absolutely that it is the right choice, for me.

When I decided to go vegan, it was very lonely.  I didn’t even know how to pronounce it (long E, hard G) never mind know another one.  I knew a couple of vegetarians but they either ate cheese or fish or eggs…  My family thought I was nuts, I think, but because it was so right for me and I felt so good eating this way, I stayed the course.   Eventually, over time, people started to see the changes in me and became interested.

I plan and prepare only vegan food but I don’t claim to be perfect. If I’m out somewhere and I’m not sure of every ingredient in the bun of a veggie burger,  I don’t stress out about it.. at least not any more.  🙂  That just takes the fun out of it.  I’ve learned to relax a little and understand that perfection isn’t necessary.  It’s what you do over 95% of the time that matters.

My hope is that you will find lots of recipes, tips and information here to help in your journey.  My journey is no longer lonely, it’s a family affair.  We all bring different strengths to the kitchen and it’s fun to be working together on a project that feeds something I believe in so strongly.

Try a recipe and let us know what you think!

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