How to Make a Homemade Vegan Chipotle Bowl

If we’re out and about in the world and need to grab a quick meal that the whole family will love, we go to Chipotle Mexican Grill. They are upfront about how much is organic, they prefer working with family farms and they try to work locally. You can read more about it on their website. They also recently changed their pinto beans to be vegan (check your location) and are testing out other vegan options in certain locations. I proudly support what they are doing and highly recommend checking them out. I always get their fajita bowl and decided to make something like that at home. It’s a quick and simple meal, especially if you have some cooked brown rice on hand. If you don’t have a Chipotle near you, give this a try!


Cooked brown rice
Black beans
Sauted onions and peppers, they use green peppers but we like red at home
Salsa, we used our Wicked Good Green Salsa
Lettuce or spinach, chopped
Fresh Guacamole
Vegan sour cream (the sour cream at Chipotle is not vegan)

We like to prepare a buffet line and let everyone line up and make their bowl just how they like it!

Start with a scoop of brown rice.

Add your black beans.

The onions and peppers are next.

Some salsa. They have 4 types of salsa and when I’m there, I ask for a little of each. They are all fabulous and vary in heat.

Next comes the guacamole.

Chopped spinach or lettuce.

Top it with some sour cream.

Yum! Where do you like to eat when you are out and about? What have you tried to create at home?  Contact us and let us know!

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  1. Tanya says:

    We eat these at home all the time too. If you like it, try adding chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice to the rice. Really takes it to the next level!!

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