Juice Fast – Day 1 down

Just a quick update about our juice fast.  We drank nothing but juice, water and tea yesterday.  We were extremely tired but still cranked out a 7 mile run.  We’ve experienced some vertigo, headaches, and have weird colored pee.  We both lost 2 and half pounds yesterday, too.  I think we both thought we’d enjoy the ride a bit more than we are.  The juice is good, but toward the end of the day yesterday I felt like I was having to force it down.  The bottom line is, I want to eat something!  We’re half-way through day two and I’m already thinking we should maybe try for 3 days instead of 7.

Feel like I’m struggling a bit.  I probably should’ve been more clear about what my goals were for the experiment.  Without something to latch onto in my mind, I find I’m focusing on the negative too much.

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