Juice Fast – What’s Your Poison?

This could be a very short post.  The shortest possible version of the story is:

1. We watched these

2. We bought this

3. We started a 7 day juice fast


The longer version follows.

Have you had times when you’ve felt like your life has gotten a little toxic?  Maybe your life/work balance is off, maybe you’ve had some ups and downs in your relationship, maybe you’ve been eating more processed foods, maybe you’re getting less exercise, maybe you’re drinking a lot of caffeine, maybe you’re drinking alcohol more often than you’d like, or you’re smoking cigarettes or weed, or you’re eating a ton of sweets, or you’re popping pills.  Whatever the reason you might feel toxic, chances are if you feel it, you are.

I think the idea to do some sort of cleanse has been creeping up on Karen and me for quite awhile now.  Over the last few years, we’ve certainly recognized parts of our relationship, our family life, our work situations, our finances, and our diet all had toxic qualities to them.  Some of our daily or nightly habits weren’t the healthiest choices and seemed to almost take on lives of their own.  Even though we try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, we definitely still have some “junk” in our lives.  So, we’ve decided to try a juice fast to cleanse and get a system reboot.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and let you know how it evolves.


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