How We Got Our Kids to Drink Kale

We’ve struggled for years, trying to get our kids to eat enough vegetables.  Jeff and I recently purchased a juicer and it has been so amazing to watch the kids drink down greens that they wouldn’t eat if their life depended on it.  They will eat some vegetables but not raw kale, large amounts of spinach, collard greens, parsley and many others.  When we juice them along with some fruit to make them tasty, the kids drink it right up.  We’ve been making them green  juice in the morning and as a snack when they get home from school.  It’s so awesome to know that they are getting all these micro nutrients that their body needs.  Secretly I hope that this will help to change their tastes and over time they will come to crave leafy greens. Is that too much to hope for? This happened to me when I started drinking smoothies every morning with lots of dark leafy greens. Here is just one example of the many juice creations we’ve had over the last week and half since we bought our juicer.


Red leaf kale
Granny Smith apple

Here it comes!!

She likes it, she likes it!!  🙂

This is the juicer we bought:

I researched it quite a bit and watched several videos comparing it to others.  We LOVE this juicer and are so happy with our decision.  We use it every day and most days, we use it twice!  I’ll write another post about why we chose this one and what we love about it soon…  It was funny, I found an old People magazine from June 2012 in the bottom of a bathroom cupboard  just yesterday that had an article about Dr Oz and how he loves his green juice and swears by it.  I saw his juicer in the background and it was this same one we chose. Nice to know that someone who has been juicing for years chose the same one.  More on that soon…

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