How to Make a Homemade Vegan Chipotle Bowl


If we're out and about in the world and need to grab a quick meal that the whole family will love, we go to Chipotle Mexican Grill. They are upfront about how … [Read more...]

Green Chili, Jalapeno Hummus


Ready to spice up your hummus? Yeah, us too. We love green chilies and jalapenos, not to mention good ol' garbanzos.  This tastes exactly like you think it … [Read more...]

Wicked Good Green Salsa


Karen is from NH and when something is really good, we say it's "wicked good". Old habits die hard. You may have noticed we really like Mexican food. And we … [Read more...]

Creamy Avocado Dressing


We've been trying to create salad dressings without oil in them. This is one of those quick and easy salad dressings I've been making for a long time. Just a … [Read more...]

A Trip to Nooch Market


We recently discovered that there is a "vegan market" in Denver! Jeff was at the dentist's office and was talking to the dental hygienist about being vegan. She … [Read more...]

Falafel Waffle with Green Salad and Tahini Dressing


I love falafel, I'll admit it.  But these days, I'm not too into the whole deep-fried thing.  So I came up with the falafel waffle.  Try saying that ten … [Read more...]

5 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug


This cake recipe came from Grandma and it is dangerous! Why would a cake recipe be dangerous you ask? You can have warm, delicious cake in 5 minutes any time. … [Read more...]

Vegetable Faux Mein


Here's another take on vegetable lo mein we call "faux mein" since we use whole wheat spaghetti instead of Asian noodles.  Not a single hard to find ingredient … [Read more...]

Butternut Squash Soup


We've had a couple of butternut squash in our kitchen since butternut squash was in season! It's been several months actually but they were both still perfect. … [Read more...]

Layered Mexican Dip


This is a versatile recipe and you should use whatever ingredients you like - this is what we had on hand and thought sounded yummy.  We took this to a party … [Read more...]